We’ll be the Highest and Quickest ROI of any Media Source you’ve used in the Last 365 Days - Guaranteed
Our goal is simple: To help your business grow by seeing a ridiculously quick ROI on everything you test with us, so continuing to work with us is the easiest business decision you ever make.

We don’t just talk about having high quality traffic, though. We guarantee it.

We’re so confident that, when you do a test with us, just share your results compared to other sources… if we’re not the highest ROI on your spend, we’ll drive additional traffic (up to double your spend) to make it right.

While other marketing agencies focus on taking your money, we focus on making you money.

We’ve seen it time and time again…

A sales representative overhypes their traffic and quickly under-delivers. They never really expected their traffic to perform, they just wanted to make a sale, take a check and move on to the next business.
Here's where the problem typically lies...
Most of these agencies and sales reps are simply selling traffic. They’ve never had to build converting pages, write high-performing copy or sell products to traders and investors.

Beyond that, the sales reps normally aren’t in tune with their lists. They aren’t the ones who handle the sending, track the stats and definitely don’t write the content that the list reacts to.
We're Totally Different.
Our team has zero salespeople. 

But we DO have marketers. The team that handles your ad buy and works to make it perform for your business is the same team that grows our own business, writes copy, builds landing pages and has spent years selling products in this industry.

In short, we understand how to sell your products to our list because we know the industry and we know our subscribers.

We’ll even write multiple versions of custom copy to endorse your promotion, so it performs optimally.

We took Investing Daily’s copy, customized it, and split tested it to our list to boost performance. The result was a click through rate over double what their standard copy performed at.

The extra work on our side meant that twice as many potential customers to their landing page!

Dent Research had their click through rate increased by 41% from our optimization process.

When you have marketers who know your business handling your promotion and a team whose number 1 goal is to provide a positive ROI for their clients, you win.
Our Dedicated Email List:
Dedicated promotions represent the majority of our traffic.

If you haven’t used dedicated promotions before, it’s exactly what it sounds like: An email send to our entire database featuring your, and only yours, offer.
Our database responds strongly to promoted offers because we add fresh, targeted, top tier leads each and every month...
Each month we aggressively target new leads to keep our traffic fresh and engaged.

We allot more of our budget and spend more of our time finding new leads to add to our list than any other aspect of our business.

There is a reason that trading companies with products continue to keep buying traffic from us month after month.

It’s because each month we deliver brand new leads that give them a stellar ROI over and over again.
“Each time your list always kills it! What’s your schedule look like for this month?”
-Michael Delrio
Each time you need new buyers, we will have them ready and waiting.

Unlike the other agencies who sell you old stale leads that won’t buy any of your products…

We’ve been in this industry long enough to know how many companies are playing the “milking” game. Trying to get every dollar they can from clients without the necessary re-investment into their list to perform for those clients.

We flip the script and focus on getting our list ready to produce for you each and every time you need leads and buyers.
We only provide the best leads from the best countries.
We know that only leads likely to spend money with our clients are worth us pouring resources into generating. 

So we specialize and focus on attaining only the highest quality leads for your business.

We do that by specifically targeting and acquiring leads from only the tier 1 countries such as the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Why do you care where your leads come from?

Because not all leads are created equal.

In fact, these 5 countries, statistically, have the highest conversions in the world.

When you pay for traffic that consists of leads from tier 1 countries, you’re instantly closer to a positive ROI than the blended traffic you get most other places.

These are the leads we target each month and build our list with, so when you book our traffic you will only see a great return on your investment instead of the lackluster return you might see from other agencies.

Since our goal is to see your business grow and earn a positive ROI, anything less than tier 1 traffic is unacceptable in our book.
Say goodbye to unqualified leads with our unique qualification method that ensures you get only quality, converting leads.
We run our newly acquired leads through a rigorous process that filters out any unqualified leads.
Something no other media agencies are doing...
When a new leads comes into our system, we send them through a 7 day long process where we send them content each day and gauge their quality.

During this time they will not see any advertisements from us, but only the top notch content we have developed...

As you probably know, subscribers have--by far--the highest SPAM and Opt-Out rate in the first 7 days of joining a new list. So we let them filter themselves out before we send those low quality spammers to any of our clients, leaving behind only the most qualified leads.

Most companies take advantage of this “high activity” span of the lead life by sending them to you and passing along the opt-outs and SPAM complaints to your ESP… oh, and making you pay for them, too.

A current client of ours was unsure about whether he wanted to rent traffic from us or not, so he decided to join our list to see what makes us different.

After spending a week on our list and going through our filtering process he was so impressed with the user experience that he decided our subscriber base must be different from the leads he’d purchased in the past.

The leads that have gone through our process and remained active and interested are the leads that will grow your business.
Our leads are active and engaged...
We send our leads new content each and every week.

Unlike other media companies, we don’t just send content and be done with it and say we provided a newsletter.

We take the time to actively engage with our list and provide them with only the best trading and investment education out there.

What this does is turn an ordinary lead into an advocate of our brand.

When they see our brand they know we are sending quality content and opportunities, like yours.

We get a lot of responses from people like this:

“Wow guys, every time I see the name Crawford I know I’m in for a trading treat! You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot and please keep up the good work.” -Tendayi

Any time we send an email to our subscribers they are excited for an opportunity to take action.
25% Discount for your First Traffic Test...
Advertisers looking for standard dedicated email sends with us are typically priced at a CPM rate of $3,500.
Based on the ROIs reported by our top clients, we’d be confident about pricing our traffic at $5,000.

So we truly believe that, even at our normal rate, every time you buy media with us you’re getting a significant discount.

At the end of the day, we design our pricing so that it’s easy to build long term relationships. Rather than focusing on hard selling, we can focus on building our list base and quality because we know that people who test with us will continue to come back for more.

On top of that already discounted price, if you book with us today we will reduce our rate to $2,500 AND we want to guarantee 1,000 clicks so you have no risk on a CPM test.

That’s essentially HALF what we believe this traffic will be worth to your business.
And don't forget...
If our traffic doesn’t back out to the highest ROI you’ve tested in the last 365 days we’ll send even MORE traffic your way.

It’s a no-lose situation that can only grow your business.

**The discounted price is only available for two new clients this month.
Here’s what others have said after booking us.
Don't just take our word for it, see what others have to say after renting our list:
"Thanks, Buddy! We have done a ton of traffic this month and you guys came in as our absolute best CPM source for the entire month!"
-Nathan Tucci, Sir Isaac Publishing
"I was extremely impressed with the traffic you delivered through our newsletter deal. It had an 85% opt-in rate and cost me less per lead than any other traffic source."
-Ben Losier, List and Content Manager at Trading Strategy Guides
The Crawford Traffic Guarantee
We are so confident that you’ll love our traffic that…

If you don’t see the highest ROI from us of any source you’ve tested in the last 365 days, we will send up to 1,000 additional clicks at no extra charge.

All you have to do is share your results so we can grow and learn from the experience and perform better with our next opportunity.

Our mission and focus is completely built around this guarantee:
  • High-Quality Leads: We only provide the best tier 1 traffic available.
  • Filter Out Bad Leads: We take the time to clean our traffic from unwanted, unqualified leads.
  • Fresh leads: We aggressively add fresh, new leads each and every month.
  •  Engaged Leads: Our leads are provided top notch content that keeps them ready to buy.
  •  Converting Leads: Our leads are guaranteed to have an unreal conversion rate.
  •  Low Price: We offer a competitive rate so that your business can grow earn a higher ROI.
  •  Test Traffic:  Test out our traffic for the low cost of $2,500 for 1000 clicks.
Don't wait!  Your business is either growing or declining and time is of the essence.

Take your business's growth to the next level with us today!
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